About us


Harry B's is a new company formed in 2016 as an offshoot of the taco stand that we run during the summer months. With the taco sauces proving to be a hit and after many requests to do so we are now making them available to purchase.

All our sauces are made using only natural ingredients with minimal salt , no added sugars , emulsifiers or preservatives.


Who are we?


The main player is "Dave the Chef" aka "Dangerous" aka many other things for some reason.

A sauce chef by trade who has made the move away from professional kitchens and who is using his culinary expertise  to join the ever growing number of small food producers.

"Having bit by bit moved away from my fine dining background I have found myself increasingly attracted to a more honest approach to food , focussing more on  what can be achieved using only naturally occurring ingredients."


Why Harry B's?


"The first time I ever saw chillies , they were growing in my grandfather Harry's vegetable garden.

Red, shiny and alien - a bit like my head in the summer. I can still picture them to this day.

 I'm not even sure that they got eaten they were so exotic but they sure made an impression.

Even now I get reminded of them as in most kitchens in this country whether it be a pub or a five star hotel there are still only two types of chilli - red or green - just like I saw all those years ago.

Moving forward to when my son was born, as well as naming him Harry, it got us looking at how we should be living, you know - 'eat better, drink less and do more'.

So for me it just seemed to fit that when naming a range of natural chilli sauces that

Harry was the name for the job."